Diplodus sargus kotschyi (One spot seabream)


Diplodus sargus kotschyi is a silvery grey fish with brassy reflections and a large black on the caudal peduncle (tail base). The mouth is horizontal. Juveniles have 8 or 9 dark, vertical bars that fade when they age.


Stated as Least Concern according to the IUCN Red list. Although targeted, Diplodus sargus kotschyi is widespread in the Persian Gulf, and there are no significant threats. It is common throughout its range and locally abundant in some areas.


Western Indian Ocean; from the Southern part of the Red Sea to the Persian Gulf and Northern Indian coast. They prefer rocky and shallow coastal waters, in a depth range of 5-150 meters.


Reproduction through spawning. Spawning has been know to take place in Kuwait Bay between November en March. Sex change from female to male usually happens in the second life year.


Common length is around 15 cm, but they can reach 30 cm.

Prey / Predation

Diplodus sargus kotschyi feeds on small invertebrates and algae.

Special features

The Diplodus genus has quite a few species and subspecies that look similar at first glance.