Petrolisthes pubescens (Hairy porcelain crab)


Small species of porcelain crab. Marbled red and brown carapace, legs have light and dark bands, claws have brown hair. Long brown antennae and brown eyes.


Unassessed by the IUCN Red list. There are many porcelain crabs, but many have tentative identifications. Petrolisthes pubescens is more easily recognized by the hairy claws.


It can be found from the Red Sea, the Indian Ocean and Indopacific. It lives on or under rocks, rubble and coral, in a depth range of 0-100 meters.


Precopulatory courtship ritual is common. Sperm transfer is indirect.


The carapace is up to 2cm.

Prey / Predation

The hairy porcelain crab is a scavenger, feeding on anything it will find.

Special features