Amphiprion nigripes (Maldives anemonefish)


Orange with one bright vertical bar behind the head, black ventral and anal fins, the other fins are yellow.


Unevaluated by the IUCN Red list, but only locally common in the Maldives and Sri Lanka.


Maldives to Sri Lanka. Specimens are found on or near reef edges in depth range of 2-25 meters.


Oviparous, distinct pairing during breeding. Eggs are demersal and adhere to the substrate. Males guard and aerate the eggs. In social groups of anemonefish there is only 1 female and 1 or more males. The female is always largest and dominant, and she chooses just 1 male to mate with. Any offspring they have is undifferentiated until the time they turn into males. If the female dies, the male that is highest in hierarchy will turn into a female, choose a new mate, thus creating a new mating couple. All remaining males will go up one rank in the hierarchy.


Up to 11cm.

Prey / Predation


Special features

They are associated with Heteractis magnifica anemones, and hide among its tentacles for protection.