Amblyeleotris diagonalis (Slantbar shrimpgoby)


Elongate body, white with 5 brown bars on the side, and 2 narrow bands on the head. Yellow anal fin with blue margin.


Unevaluated by the IUCN Red list. Fairly common but shy. They should be approached carefully or they will hide in their burrow.


Indo-Asian Pacific, Red Sea and East Africa to the Solomon islands and Australia. It can be found on sandy slopes in lagoon or seaward reefs between 6 and 40 meters.



Up to 11cm.

Prey / Predation

It feeds on zooplankton and small benthic invertebrates.

Special features

It shares a burrow with alpheid shrimp with which it has a symbiotic relation (mutualism = both benifit). The shrimp cleans the burrow and the goby guards it.