Acentronura tentaculata (Shortpouch pygmy pipehorse)


Brown to nearly black with white speckling, slightly expanded seahorse-like chest, pale and short snout, various skin flaps on head and body. Males look more like seahorses, where as the females look more like a pipefish. They are often found in pairs.


Uncommon, but probably widely spread.


Asian Pacific; Indonesia, Philippines and Papua New Guinea, and the Indian Ocean. It has also been observed in the Northern part of the Red Sea. Found on seagrass beds in sheltered reefs down to 20 meters.


Ovoviviparous. The male carries the eggs in a brood pouch which is found under the tail.


Up to 6cm.

Prey / Predation

Special features

Formerly know as Acentronura breviperula, but renamed in 2008. They can be difficult to spot due to their good camouflage.