Coris aygula (Clown coris)


Adults have a dark grey rear body separated from the light grey head with dark speckling by a vertical white bar. Juveniles have a white forebody with black speckling, the rear body is light grey. They have 2 white ringed black spots on the dorsal fin and orange semi-circles below them.


Least concern on the IUCN Red list. It used for the aquarium trade and fished, but it is a widespread species.


This species can be found from the Red Sea and the African coast eastward to the Line Islands and Ducie Island and from southern Japan to Lord Howe Island.
Lives in the vicinity of sand or rubble patches of exposed outer reef flats, lagoon reefs, and seaward reefs.
Depth range 2 – 30 m.



Up to 120 cm.

Prey / Predation

Feeds mainly on hard-shelled invertebrates including crustaceans, molluscs and sea urchins

Special features