Cirrhilabrus lubbocki (Yellowback wrasse)


Orange to yellow upper head, back and dorsal fin, purplish white below, row of maroon to purple spots on the back, and another on the middle of the tail base with a white stripe in between. It lives solitary or in aggregations.


Least concern on the IUCN Red list. It is used for the commercial aquarium trade, but that does not threaten the global population.


Western Central Pacific: Philippines and Celebes, Indonesia. It is most common in the Philippines. Occurs in outer reefs over bottom of coral rubble or heads of small finely branched coral. Feeds on zooplankton. Usually occurs in moderately large groups in depths of about 4-45 meters. They are usually seen in large groups at around 20-25 meters depth.



Up to 8cm.

Prey / Predation

It feeds on zooplankton

Special features

This species is also known as Lubbock’s wrasse or orangeback wrasse.