Pleurosicya boldinghi (Soft coral ghostgoby)


Pleurosicya boldinghi is a small elongated goby, with a more bulky body compared to most coral gobies. They have a white translucent body that is tinted in the color of its host soft coral. The nose has the profile of a pigs snout.


Unassessed by the IUCN Red list, but fairly common throughout the Western Pacific.


Soft coral ghostgobies can be found in the Indo-Pacific, from the Eastern African coast to New Guinea, from Japan south to Australia and New Caledonia. They commonly live on Dendronephthya soft corals, but also on Sarcophyton corals and sea pens, in a depth range of 5-82 meters. These habitats are usually current-swept. Large soft corals can host a number of gobies.


Oviparous breeding


Up to 3,5cm.

Prey / Predation

Pleurosicya feeds on zooplankton.

Special features

The soft coral ghostgoby has a thicker body than most other gobies. You can also browse our other species of Pleurosicya en Bryaninops gobies here, to compare habitats and physical features.