Dardanus megistos (white-spotted hermit crab)


Large hermit crab with an enlarged left claw, numerous small white spots  with dark rings on the legs, claws and carapace. Red to brown eyestalks and grey eyes with white antennae.


Unassessed by the IUCN Red list, but a widespread species in the Indian Ocean and Indo-Pacific.


From the East African coast up to Hawaii. They can be found in littoral and subtitle zones, on coral reefs, rubble and sand bottoms, reef flats and rocky platforms, in a depth range of 0-25 meters.


Before mating hermit crabs perform courtship rituals, consisting of sensing and “feeling” each other.


Up to 15cm (without the shell).

Prey / Predation

Hermit crabs are scavengers, feeding on anything they can find.

Special features

Hermit crabs have intricate ways of choosing the shells they live in. As soon as they grow out of one, they will start looking for a new home. When another shell is encountered, they will size up the opening with their claws, lift it to assess the weight, and finally switch shells when it is convinced.