Diadema setosum (Longspined sea urchin)


Big, dark regular echinoid, with a rather small test and very long spines, which can reach up to 30cm each. These are usually black but some or all of them can be grey or white, and they are banded in young individuals.
Red ring around anus and white spot over each genital pore.


Has not yet been assessed for the IUCN Red List.


It can be found from the red sea to Hawaii and Pacific archipelagos, from the shore to 20-30 meters deep (sometimes deeper).
ciated with coral reefs, but is also found on sand flats and in seagrass beds. Along with the other members of the family, D. setosum is a prolific grazer. They are known to feed on a variety of algal species common found on tropical coral reefs.


It has been known to spawn both seasonally and year-round depending on the location of the spawning population.
Populations are temperature-dependent in their spawning seasonalities.


Prey / Predation

It feeds on plants. It will eat turf algae, seagrass and calcareous seaweeds (like Halimeda tuna), but it also munches on coral.

Special features