Ecsenius namiyei (Yellowtail blenny)


Ecsenius namiyei is a brownish to black colored blenny with a yellow tail and bluegreen scribble markings on the head. There is also a charcoal to black variation with a pale grey tail and less pronounced markings. They are solitary and shy.


Listed as Least Concern by the IUCN Red list. It is widespread and the global population is stable. No major threats are known, although it is likely to be used for the aquarium trade.


Asian-Pacific; from the Molluccan islands, Indonesia and the Philippines to the Solomon islands and North to Taiwan. They prefer coral-rich lagoons and seaward reefs where they perch on coral and sponges in outcroppings, in a depth range of 0-30 meters. But they can also be found in estuaries.


Sexual reproduction. Eggs are laid, which are attached to the substrate by an adhesive pedestal.


Up to 10 cm.

Prey / Predation

Ecsenius namiyei feeds on algae they eat off corals and sponges, effectively keep them healthy.

Special features

The yellowtail blenny is also know by its other common name, the black comb-tooth.