Antennarius maculatus (Warty frogfish)


Antennarius maculatus is a smaller species of frogfish with numerous, well pronounced, knob-like warts. Various colors are known but usually with red-brown saddles and blotches on the body. They often display dark spots with light borders. It has a long illicium with a large lure, shaped like a leaf with mottled white and brown color. When the lure moves it looks like a banner. A dark, triangular saddle connects the eye with the dorsal fin.


Not yet assessed by the IUCN Red list, but frequently seen on tropical reefs in the Indian Ocean and Indo-Pacific.


Indo-Pacific. Mauritius to Hawaii, SouthWest Japan to Australia. It is often found among algae, sponges or soft coral of coastal reefs down to 15 meters.


Oviparous. Eggs are laid in a gelatinous sheath or veil-like ribbon.


Up to 15cm, but usually 10cm.

Prey / Predation

Antennarius maculatus feeds on smaller fish, which it ambushes. It uses its lure to draw in smaller fish.

Special features

They can change their color to their surroundings in several days or weeks. It also know by its other common name clown frogfish or clown anglerfish