Alopias vulpinus (Common thresher shark)


Cylindrical shape with a silver color, an elongated upper tail lobe, short snout, curved and narrow tipped pectoral fins and a conspicuous white patch over the pectoral fin bases.


Vulnerable status according to the IUCN Red list, populations are decreasing. They used to be common in open tropic waters but not often seen, since they live in greater depths than most divers can visit. They are also easily scared off by noise or sudden movement.


Circumtropical, pelagic species in a depth range of 1-550 meters.


Ovoviviparous (eggs hatch inside the mother and they give birth to living young), litter size 2 normally.


Up to 350cm.

Prey / Predation

They prey on schooling fish, shrimp and squids.

Special features

It uses its long tail to whip and stun schooling fish, so it can eat them. It is a very majestic animal.